Salvador Day Tours Sample


Salvador City Tour   
The ride begins at Santo Antônio Fortress (Barra Lighthouse), and passes by residential and commercial points of the city. Visit at Dique do Tororó, where beautiful sculptures of the Orixás (african gods) can be seen, the soccer stadium (the largest stadium in Bahia), and most popular areas of the city. The tunnel Américo Simas links the Lower to the Upper Cities, and the harbor. The tour goes then to the Lower City, passing by areas of Calçada, Largo dos Mares as far as Bonfim Church (the symbol of the bahians faith). Visit Mont-Serrat where the tourist can watch the city and finaly at the handi-craft market (Mercado Modelo) for shopping (souvenirs, work-of-art) The end of the visit is a view of the lower city and a descent on the Lacerda Lift.
elevador lacerda 450 salvador-streets 450
Lacerda Lift Sugar Loaf

Mangue Seco Tour   
A pearl nestled between the sea, rivers, palm trees and dunes. The tour starts toward the northern end of the state, to cross the border with Sergipe and reach the Pontal village, where we cross the Rio Real to reach Mangue seco (dried mangrove). Includes Boat and Buggy trips.
mangue seco 450 mangue seco jeeps 450
Mangue Seco Beach Jeeps´ ride


Morro de São Paulo Tour   
A charming village, where cars do not circulate. Bars, restaurants, horseback riding, diving options , zip lines and many natural beauties. This is Morro de São Paulo, a place that combines tranquility and enjoyment for all tastes.
morro-de-sao-paulo 450 morro-de-sao-paulo-porto 450
Morro de São Paulo coast Morro de São Paulo old Port