The Amazon Rainforest has been elected one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature by over 100 million voters worldwide, and declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. The Amazon is the most biodiverse ecosystem on Earth: 20% of all birds on the planet live there, in a single hectare you can find as many different species of trees as in the entire United States and Canada, and its river has more species of fish than all the rivers of Europe combined. It is also, by far, the greatest and most valuable source of oxygen and fresh water on our planet.
In the Amazon jungle you can hike across the thick forest while learning jungle survival techniques and appreciating some of the amazing properties of unique plant species. You can also enjoy jungle navigations, surrounded by the constant cacophony of chirping and singing produced by birds, insects and animals. Also you can meet villagers and learn about their lifestyle, and embark on nighttime navigation adventures in search of caimans.

Day 1

Manaus Historical Tour

Museu do Seringal Vila Paraíso

Get ready for a practical lesson on the Rubber Cycle. The museum takes advantage of the setting of the film A Selva, a Portuguese-Spanish-Brazilian production from 2002. It is a masterpiece of art direction: the place reproduces a rubber plantation that actually existed in Humaitá, 600 km from Manaus.

Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market

Opened 13 years before the Amazonas Theater, the Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market is one of the remains that remained from the golden era of rubber. An eclectic façade, facing the city, added almost fifteen years later, hides the beauty of the cast-iron structures in art-nouveau style – but which are perfectly visible to anyone who enters on the side facing the river.

Teatro Amazonas

Teatro Amazonas is the icon of the city, its main ‘museum’ (so to speak) and – what many people do not imagine – a theater with intense programming. The beauty of the pink palace, with its exotic yellow-green mosaic dome, manages to neutralize the interference of the skyline.

Galeria Amazonica

Sells quality indigenous crafts, bought directly from the tribes, with an indication of origin.

Day 2

Full day river tour

Encontro das Águas

The first stop is the Meeting of the Waters. Both the Negro and Solimões rivers come from the west: Negro is born in Colombia and Solimões in Peru. The two massive giants only come to the east of Manaus, when they form the Amazon River. At the meeting place, they run side by side, for 6 km, without mixing: the dark waters of Negro and the muddy waters of Solimões separated by an imaginary line. This is because the two rivers have different pH, temperature and speed.

January Park

After about fifteen minutes sailing along the bicolor border between the two rivers, the boat continues to Parque Janauary. There, you visit the lake of water lilies (from January to August, with high waters) or take a short walk through the jungle (from September to December, the ebb season). On the way back it is time for lunch: a regional buffet served in a floating restaurant (paid separately).

Novo Airão

Route of almost an hour to the float where the interaction with pink dolphins will occur. Porpoises live loose in the river and appear only in search of food. They are not trained or do special pirouettes: the feeders only make it difficult to deliver the pieces of fish, so that the porpoises are exposed outside the water. Visitors wear life jackets that serve as buoys and, divided into small groups, fall into the water, where they remain for 15 minutes while the feeder attracts porpoises. Those who do not know how to swim can stand on a submerged deck, with water around their waist.

Indian Village

The last stop on the tour is in one of the indigenous villages near Tupé beach. Over there, in recent years, Indians have settled down from the Amazon border with Colombia. The villages follow traditional patterns – and their residents live by staging indigenous rituals and selling handicrafts to tourists. I confess that I thought the show would be a little embarrassing, but after seeing it I found it quite worthy. At the end, the audience is invited to accompany the dance around the hollow. Take change money to buy crafts.


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