Bonito is a town and ecotourism hub in southern Brazil’s Mato Grosso do Sul state. The surrounding area is known for crystal-clear rivers such as the Rio da Prata, a snorkeling destination abounding with fish. The Abismo Anhumas is a huge, stalactite-covered cavern that offers abseiling and diving in an underground lake. Flocks of macaws nest in the deep, ocher-colored depression Buraco das Araras.

Day 1

Caves and Springs

Gruta do Lago Azul

Located 21 km from the center of Bonito MS, the visit tour at the Gruta do Lago Azul is a contemplative tour inside the cavern, starts with a 200m trek from the reception to the cavern entrance, at this point the way to get inside is on the rocks of the cavern. While getting in, the cavern counts with 300 to going down the cave so visitors can find the lake with an intense blue water located at the bottom.

Nascente Azul

Located about 29 km from the city of Bonito – MS, the Snorkelling ride of Nascente Azul is made in the source of the Rio Bonito.
The access to fluctuation of the Blue Spring is done through a contemplative trail of approximately 300 m until arriving at the room of equipment for the flotation.
Then, the second part of the trail of 800 m is made by the Forest of Bacuri (large trees native to yellow fruits bearing the same name).
Already in the Nascente Azul, the guide does a little training with all and soon begins the fluctuation. It is possible to do apnea.
At the end of the tour, the visitor has the option of having lunch and can take advantage of the Balneário Nascente Azul which has a complete structure for the whole family.

Day 2

Adventure and Ecology

Buraco das Araras

Located over 27 Km from Jardim-MS and 54 Km from Bonito-MS, the tour during the visit at the Buraco das Araras is made around the doline (geological formation that is created when the bottom of a cavern falls apart), there are 970m of a trek that passes by two viewpoints with focus on birds watching. Groups with a maximum capacity of 10 people always have the company of the touristic guide or an environmental monitor.
The visitor will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of many birds, especially of red parrots, they live inside the doline and keep flying around the whole area so visitor can admire the nature of one of the biggest Latin-American doline.
At the end of the tour and the viewpoints visit, visitor will return to the reception to rest on the shared area of the attraction.
The attractive counts with: souvenirs shop, toilets, waiting room (with TV and coffee), credit and debit card machine and a parking space.

Boca da Onça

The Boca da Onça ecological trail is 4 km long, has 6 swimming opportunities, includes a stairway of 800 steps and ends at the highest waterfall in Mato Grosso do Sul – the homonymous Boca da Onça, which is 156 meters high. The waterfall of Buraco do Macaco, although less famous, is a delicious spot to cool off in the middle of the circuit, with almost hidden access (you must swim under a rock).


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