Iguazu Falls

The powerful and imposing Iguazu Falls are unlike any other waterfall on Earth. Consisting of a system of 275 waterfalls, they are nearly twice as tall and almost three times as wide as Niagara Falls. They were selected as one of the “New Seven Wonders of Nature” in a worldwide competition with over 100 million voters, and declared as Mankind’s Natural Heritage by the United Nations because of their uniqueness. The Iguazu Falls are located in a beautiful setting, in the midst of a tropical rainforest surrounded by nature.

Day 1

Iguazu Falls Essentials Tour

Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side

In a totally safe, comfortable transport, in one of our vans with prepared and very kind drivers, who accompanied you throughout this touristic journey. After arriving at Iguazu Falls, the entrance ticket price is purchased individually, not being included in the package due to bureaucracy issues in the Iguazu National Park itself. After purchasing your ticket to enter the park, we take a panoramic double-decker bus and head towards Iguazu Falls.

Macuco Safari Tour

We descend on the Macuco Safari trail. You will get a little wet on this tour, so it is recommended to bring a change of clothes. The adrenaline is high, an incredible ride challenging the waters of the Iguazu River, and washing your soul at the falls of the Falls. The tour continues on the trails to get to know the Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side, which is so exciting it’s hard to describe! After glimpsing the wonderful falls, the tour in the Iguazu National Park ends with a delicious lunch at the Porto Canoas restaurant, located inside the National Park, more specifically next to the Iguaçu Falls, overlooking the third wonder of the world!

Parque das Aves

After all this emotion, the final stop of the tour takes place at Parque das Aves, next to the National Park, also known as the largest animal preservation nursery in Latin America, where you witness some endangered species, and some already extinct. There are 16.5 hectares of lush Atlantic Forest maintained to form the best habitat for animals, you will experience direct contact with more than 1400 birds, covering about 150 different species.

Duty Free Shop

The gift that this package provides you, is the free transportation to the Duty Free Shop in Argentina! One of the largest shopping centers for original and imported products, with lower prices and without tax. Famous brand stores that do not sell in Brazil, such as Gucci, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Milka, Moschino, among many others.

Day 2

Iguazu City Tour – Brazilian and Argentinian

Foz do Iguaçu City Tour

You will get to know the best stories from hundreds of points of interest in Foz do Iguaçu. Showing in detail the historical and cultural aspects of the border, this tour has the following stops: Buddhist Temple, Islamic Mosque and 3 Borders Landmark

Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) City Tour

This tour takes you through the stories and curiosities that formed Puerto Iguazú, in Argentina, the oldest city on the three borders. The first stop is at La Aripuca, a complex where you can learn more about the local indigenous culture. Then another stop at Marco das Três Fronteiras, overlooking the Iguaçu and Paraná rivers, as well as seeing Brazil and Paraguay.  Then, you will visit the commercial center of Puerto, where you can buy handicrafts, clothes, wines and eat a typical Argentine empanada.


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